Wednesday, March 10, 2010



We have moved to a new location and have taken down almost all the posts from this blog. Sorry about it but it was getting really tough for me to manage two blogs at one time.The new location is at:

I have put up some picture at

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Monday, September 12, 2005


I own and run a small lodge on the outskirts of the Ranthambhore tiger reserve in India. I used to be a civil engineer working in Delhi but that was a long time ago. In 1998, my wife and I quit the rat race and shifted to Ranthambhore for good. Why Ranthambhore ? Mainly to stay close to tigers. Wild ones. Tiger family in Ranthambore We now make less money than we did before but there are absolutely no regrets. Life here is good. It is slow, laid back but good. We meet great people, take nice pictures, travel a lot and generally have a lot of fun doing what we are doing. Lets face it I dont know many people who go to the forest early in the morning, see a lot of wildlife - including tigers and come back home for breakfast. Where is Ranthambhore? Ranthambhore (often misspelled ar Ranthambore) is a Tiger Reserve in the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. map showing location of Ranthambore As you can see, Ranthambhore is very conveniently located in Northwestern India, close to the Capital city of New Delhi. The nearest major airport is Jaipur, about three hours drive. The closest rail head is at Sawai Madhopur, about 15 minutes drive from Ranthambhore.

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